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Genesis of a Shakedown: New Records Expose Children’s Marches as Long-Planned Component of Litigation Campaign

Newly obtained public records reveal that the recent wave of private “climate” litigation and state attorneys general (AGs) investigations was not only laid out behind closed doors seven years ago at an infamous 2012 meeting in La Jolla, California. It turns out the attendees also got very early word about the frenzied street theater of children’s […]

University of Arizona ClimateGate Records in full

 Chris Horner, Government Accountability Oversight – Response Close 2-27-19 (00115527xC3E11) Hughes exemplars Overpeck exemplars   E E matter. Exemplar Records Release Privilege Log (00115528xC3E11)   ATI-U-of-A-Hughes-Overpeck-FOI-Request   E E – Overpeck. Log of Responsive Nonresponsive Records (00114879xC3E11) Overpeck Withheld Ib Malcolm Hughes Withheld Documents   Malcolm Hughes – Log of Redactions Peer Review Withholding (00115522xC3E11) […]

Video: Law Enforcement for Rent in Virginia 2019

The Virginia legislature is in session through February and according to published reports considering addressing Attorney General Mark Herring’s use of Special Counsels. Public records from Virginia Attorney General Herring show that he is turning to off-the-books payments for privately funded lawyers to push a political agenda. The scheme raises serious questions about special interests […]