September 2019 - Climate Litigation Watch

Privately Financed Activist AGs Revving Up the Machines

ClimateWire has a piece out today, “D.C.’s top lawyer could launch Exxon battle soon”. In it, Bloomberg- and CREW-underwritten activist AG for the District of Columbia Karl Racine hints, “”look out for developments in the fall” on a highly anticipated legal challenge by the nation’s capital against Exxon Mobil Corp. and other leading fossil fuel […]

Political Leaders Turn On Greta Thunberg As She Sues France & Germany

“Greta’s apocalyptic mass movement is turning millions of young French, German, and European children and teenagers against their own governments, their institutions, and their countries, turning them into a resentful, angry mob.” The leaders of France, Germany, and Australia turned on teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg after she castigated them on the world stage for not taking enough action […]

Greta Thunberg & Allies File Climate Complaint Against 5 Countries (Not China)

Swedish teen climate alarmist Greta Thunberg and 15 other children filed a complaint with the United Nations on Monday, accusing five countries of inaction on combatting so-called climate change. The complaint, filed with the U.N. Committee on the Rights of the Child, accuses Argentina, Brazil, France, Germany, and Turkey of failing to fulfill their obligations […]

The heat on Maryland AG @BrianFrosh isn’t just from climate – it’s from his hiding of documents

On Tuesday, Government Accountability & Oversight, P.C. filed a Reply in Support of its Motion for Summary Judgment, opposing Maryland AG Brian Frosh’s effort to keep hidden from the public his “application” seeking Michael Bloomberg’s resources to pursue the climate litigation agenda. Frosh is the only AG so hiding this document – and the only […]