October 22, 2019 - Climate Litigation Watch

The Gray Lady, Reporting for Duty

Reminder of Rockefeller Family Fund’s instrumental role in AG abuses The New York Times does its part today to help the flagging NY AG #ExxonKnew case that opens at 2:15 pm today in Manhattan, giving a whopping 1,300 words to The Godfather of the climate litigation industry, Lee Wasserman of Rockefeller Family Foundation (some CLW […]

New EMail on Tort Lawyer Instigation of AG #ExxonKnew Investigations

This post at Energy in Depth on the scandalous political abuse of law enforcement office by Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey reminds CLW of another recently produced EMail, one between an AG office and the tort lawyer who recruited Healey’s investigation into his principal target for “climate nuisance” litigation, ExxonMobil. First, we know that Pawa included […]

Mementos of House Hearing Witness, #ExxonKnew Author’s Role in Climate Litigation Industry

Naomi Oreskes is the Zelig of the climate litigation industry, appearing in every agenda or list of attendees at landmark “secret”, “delegitimize” and other infamous gatherings: As CLW wrote earlier: Trotting out activists Naomi Oreskes and Sharon Bordas is something of an effort to get the band back together from the “secret meeting at Harvard”, […]