December 2019 - Climate Litigation Watch

Year in Review: Hey, Wha’ Happened?!

The State Energy & Environmental Impact Center was funded by Michael Bloomberg as a vehicle for hiring and planting “Special Assistant Attorneys General” (SAAGs) in AG offices “to advance the agenda represented by” the group. That meant funding, coordinating, and providing media cover for AGs to push their scheme to go after opponents of the climate […]

Face-Book Friends: Get Yer ‘Climate Fraud’ Presser Scorecard

Can’t tell your crusading AGs, tort lawyers, and activists without a scorecard! CLW readers may want this keepsake souvenir “Face-book” from the secret pre-briefing of state attorneys general by the activist/tort bar team, moments before the now infamous March 2016 Manhattan press conference launching “The Climate-Change Lawsuit Debacle“. The courts took note of this event […]