June 2020 - Climate Litigation Watch

Bloomberg-Provided Attorney Files Next AG “Climate” Suit in DC

As CLW indicated yesterday might be coming, DC Attorney General Karl Racine has now entered the climate litigation sweepstakes. Like Minnesota’s Keith Ellison, and New York’s and Massachusetts’ AGs before him, Mr. Racine is using resources for the job provided him by an outside donor…in an arrangement that, public record responses indicate, was not entered […]

Bloomberg-Provided Attorneys File Next AG “Climate” Suit in Minnesota

No outside counsel needed, already being provided…in-house Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison has launched what documents — both public and some not yet released — show he has been working on with outside parties for quite some time, the next entry in the climate litigation sweepstakes. CLW readers recall how then-AG Sidney Blumenthal confessed that […]

Texas Court of Appeals Decries Climate Lawfare; Urges State Supreme Court to Take Up Issue

The Texas State Court of Appeals for the Second District issued an opinion Thursday night on the matter of whether the state’s courts have jurisdiction over participants in the climate litigation industry by virtue of their targeting Texas companies. From Energy in Depth: On Thursday, an intermediate appellate court in Texas reluctantly denied a petition filed by ExxonMobil that […]

New Mexico AG Sued for Hiding Secrecy Pacts, Record of Work with Climate Activists

GAO Files Suit against New Mexico AG to Compel Release of Records Detailing Work with Private Parties, Including Activists and Activist Attorneys General  Energy Policy Advocates reveals one of AGO’s secrecy pacts attempting to contract away the public’s rights  Albuquerque, NM, June 15, 2020 – Today, public interest law firm Government Accountability & Oversight, P.C. […]