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Washington State AG Wants Court to Seal Explanation of its Involvement in Climate Litigation, Continuing its Effort to Shield Public Information

In an unusual move, well after merits arguments concluded the Washington State Attorney General’s Office has asked the Thurston County Superior Court to allow it to file a sealed affidavit by the Chief of its Environmental Protection Division, William Sherman, explaining why four- and five-year-old memos about possibly joining the New York AG’s Office in […]

New Records Suit Against AG Reveals “Climate” Secrecy Pacts with Tort Bar

GAO Files Second Lawsuit against Minnesota AG Ellison Over Refusal to Release Records re Bloomberg-Funded “Special Assistant AGs”, Tort Bar, Secrecy Pacts Complaint reveals existence of AG efforts to contract away public’s rights under records act; agreement to share information with “climate” tort bar that also recruited OAG to file suit ST. PAUL, MN – For the […]

Outside Interests Strike Gold in Minnesota AG Ellison’s Office

In March 2019, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune ran a telling item after its editorial board met with Attorney General Keith Ellison, prompting CLW to post “Minneapolis Newspaper Signals AG Ellison to Join Bloomberg Scheme?” It sure seemed that Ellison had prepared the paper with news his office would take in privately hired environmental activist attorneys as […]