August 2020 - Climate Litigation Watch

Video: Maryland AG Testimonial About Bloomberg Center in the Progressive Climate Fight

Yesterday, CLW posted about an interesting event from September 2017 involving the Bloomberg “State Energy & Environmental Impact Center”, established to place activist attorneys in state AG offices to promote the progressive agenda through investigations and prosecutions. The video reveals the behind the scenes role that several state AGs played with Michael Bloomberg to get […]

Video: Thank Eric Schneiderman for the Bloomberg AGs Scheme

IL, NY, MD AGs cited as having worked behind the scenes to make the donor-funded law enforcement reality CLW spotted this video from September 2017 hiding in broad daylight. It records an event that came less than two weeks after numerous state attorneys general submitted applications for privately hired “Special Assistant Attorneys General” — as […]

Climate Litigation and Rebranding

CLW found this post from EID noteworthy, particularly the confession in the discussion of ‘rebranding’: Media, Rebranded The entire climate litigation campaign got plenty of air cover from so-called “journalism” outfits like InsideClimateNews and the Los Angeles Times, which turned out to be bought and paid for by the Rockefellers to push the “Exxon Knew” narrative and […]

Bloomberg “Special Assistant Attorneys General” Program Also Works…Gun Control

CLW has chronicled how the “State Energy & Environmental Impact Center” was created by activist billionaire Michael Bloomberg for the purpose of placing privately hired, activist attorneys in state AG offices as “Special Assistant Attorneys General” to pursue issues of concern to Bloomberg. As CLW has also chronicled, Bloomberg first awarded two “SAAGs” to the […]