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Leaning on Industry “Partners” to Impose Climate Agenda Back on Tap?

AGs, Biden Admin Targeted Industry to Become “Partners” to Impose “Climate-car” Auto Standards; Will DoJ Follow Through on Threat re: Litigation Campaign? Climate-industry observers should take close note of the model described here in which targeted industry become the federal government’s “partners” — not so much Gangster Government, but more a combination of Hostage-taking and Wolfpack Government: […]

New Game On in Climate Litigation?

The National Association of Manufacturers, Energy Marketers of America, and National Association of Convenience Stores have filed a very welcome salvo in the 1st Circuit “climate” case against energy companies. The NAM et al. brief lays out what is transpiring with the climate litigation wave in a way that to date and to CLW’s recollection only […]

RIP the Curious “Missing Link” Claim

New Emails confirm MN AG Ellison lawsuit was Rockefeller Family Fund, green group’s “joint project” CLW readers may recall U.S. District Court Judge for the Southern District of New York Valerie Caproni’s dismissal three years ago of ExxonMobil’s suit against the NY and MA attorneys general for unconstitutionally pursuing them to silence speech they don’t like. Judge […]