November 11, 2021 - Climate Litigation Watch

Opioid “Nuisance” Suit Rulings Likely to Rattle Climate Litigation Industry

Last week, a court in California ruled against the plaintiffs in an opioid “public nuisance” case, one among a class of cases cited as models for the climate litigation industry’s (initial) wave of litigation also styled as “public nuisance” climate suits. This suggested the latter have more weaknesses than even previously known. Now the Oklahoma […]

Amicus Brief: MN AG Ellison’s “Troubling Position” to Keep Bloomberg-Related Records Secret

Non-profit transparency groups Public Records Media and the Minnesota Coalition on Government Information held a press conference Wednesday to announce they filed an amicus brief with the Minnesota State Supreme Court in Energy Policy Advocates v. Ellison, a Government Data Practices Act (open records) case over emails pertaining to Ellison’s involvement in the climate litigation […]