January 2022 - Climate Litigation Watch

AG Smacked Down Over Climate ‘Common Interest’ Claims

ALJ Questions OAG Sworn Claims as Misleading UPDATE: MN Livestream link at https://www.mncourts.gov/SupremeCourt/OralArgumentLivestream.aspx?id=257 As the Minnesota State Supreme Court hears argument at 10 Eastern this morning over Energy Policy Advocates v Ellison et al., a case involving that climate-activist AG’s claims to a “common legal interest” shielding the record of climate-activist AGs including on the […]

What’s My Line? Vermont AG Docs Provide Window Into Shifting Litigation Rationales

Government-transparency group Energy Policy Advocates passes along some public records released by the Vermont Office of the Attorney General, providing background to that recent suit filed against energy companies for ‘climate deception.’ Interestingly, the VT OAG’s contract with a Washington, DC law firm originally sought counsel to “assist and support the AGO’s investigation and potential litigation against […]