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AG Smacked Down Over Climate ‘Common Interest’ Claims

ALJ Questions OAG Sworn Claims as Misleading

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As the Minnesota State Supreme Court hears argument at 10 Eastern this morning over Energy Policy Advocates v Ellison et al., a case involving that climate-activist AG’s claims to a “common legal interest” shielding the record of climate-activist AGs including on the Bloomberg AGs scheme and the tort bar, CLW has learned of two opinions by an administrative law judge in Connecticut worth noting (Minnesota is of course the state where the public has learned the most about the donor-activist-AG-tort axis).

The records sought include those to, from or discussing tort lawyers recruiting AGs (specifically, Connecticut) to file suit against the parties targeted by the tort lawyers for big payouts (whether or not by hiring those tort firms to do so on the AGs’ behalf); also, the AGs’ scheming to create what the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board called, in a March editorial, “Biden’s ‘Back Door’ Climate Plan”.

Both opinions, which now go to the entire FOIA Council for agreement or amendment, go against the CT AG in no weak terms.

Excerpts are below, entire documents here and here.