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Another Window Into the Climate Litigation World

Courtesy of Energy Policy Advocates, Maplewood, NJ provides a record production (highlights found here), also linking to a posted if “unlisted” YouTube video of an organizational meeting, all of which further helps the public see how their institutions are being used, with whom.

In the video of the meeting, CLW readers will spot the effort made by the “Center for Climate Integrity” reps to tap dance around saying outright what they provide elected lawmakers who agree to push the CCI agenda, (they like to be seen as the staff that leaders wish they had (re same, see also the below, from Dunellen, NJ)).

Also notable is the chatter ca. 18:30 about the money they hope that lawsuits would bring in, how the tobacco lawsuits brought in (chuckles) quite hefty settlements, and how such lawsuits can fund “green economy” things politicians want.

At 25:30, we hear how climate litigation really needs to turn into the opioid crisis… Just before 28:00 CCI mentions there’s a chat in their meeting in which participants are discussing and dropping things (the chat log also bing a public record, apparently not maintained by Maplewood’s or Dunellen’s participating officials, as required, since they didn’t produce it).

At the end is a political rundown from a Doug O’Malley from “Environment New Jersey” which, emails suggest, is the go-between for the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office and CCI.

…this is somewhat interesting, including on the then-perception of prospects for getting “the Governor” to file suit (this is before New Jersey filed suit), saying that, if the New Jersey AG does sue (he did, tipping off O’Malley it would in fact come) it will in fact be because the governor told him to, adding that of course the politicians in the audience can act on that front independently 😉 .

This adds context to the oddity of the AG filing his “climate” lawsuit first thing upon taking office despite having not even mentioned it as an issue at his confirmation hearing, let alone his top priority.