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Bloomberg Center/Climate Industry Playbook Continues

Here is a nicely executed effort, a staging of the next step in a staggered campaign of ‘climate’ investigations and litigation having no realistic aim of prevailing, but aimed at squeezing parties to accept settlement demands of $100s of billions.

h/t @JunkScience

GAO’s intervention was spurred by a December 4, 2017 request. On a completely unrelated note hey look at this

This should be familiar to CLW readers. Expect AG action on this theory soon, then watch for a Great Lakes strategy. Emails demonstrate that one is hewing even more faithfully to the original Schneiderman-led climate-RICO play.

In the wake of the apparent NY OAG debacle — stated with the caution that NY’s powerfully abusive Martin Act requires no showing of intent or even actual reliance — the latter coalition of 20 AGs has been reduced to Massachusetts’ AG Maura Healey. Ms. Healey is the last AG standing from that crowd after open records requests caused all of the other wingmen to fly.