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Hide the Opine — Something Rotten in the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office?

Last week saw a remarkable turn of events in the campaign to stop the public from knowing just how elected law enforcement offices have come to be used by the Climate Litigation Industry, to promote a campaign pushed by plaintiffs’ lawyers, activists and major political donors. On behalf of CEI, on January 17, 2019, GAO’s […]

After the Fact, After Getting Caught: Oregon AG Office Issues first determination claiming legality of Bloomberg-financed Special Climate Prosecutors, contrary to public and private assessments to the contrary

On September 15, 2017, the Oregon Office of Attorney General certified, to a non-profit group serving as the pass-through for billionaire Michale Bloomberg’s “climate” legal advocacy campaign, that it had the statuary authority to bring on a special prosecutor, funded by Bloomberg, to pursue issues of interest to Bloomberg. ATTACHED SAAG APPLICATION On September 11, […]

Oregon Legislative Counsel: Bloomberg-financed Special Prosecutors for Donor Pet Issues Violates State Law

On September 11, 2018, Oregon’s Office of Legislative Counsel issued a legal analysis (ATTACHED) agreeing with the conclusion laid out in “Law Enforcement for Rent: How Special Interests Fund Climate Policy through State Attorneys General“, stating that ORS §180.140(4) applies to Oregon’s ongoing coordination with Michael Bloombergs climate litigation campaign, and does *not* authorize the OR […]