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GAO Sues Multnomah County for Improperly Withholding Record of Litigation Coordination with Activists

Following on the closing note here, GAO has filed suit under Oregon’s Public records law for correspondence containing the email domain of a group that appears to have been instrumental in the County punching its ticket in the climate litigation sweepstakes, For a walk-through of how this group works you can see an amicus […]

Originality Befitting an Ivy League President

CLW is not alone in noticing an awful lot of familiar verbiage popping up in climate lawsuits filed in different jurisdictions with different laws, different plaintiffs, and even different lawyers. There was the amusing episode in which artifact language from Minnesota’s June 24, 2020 turned up in the District of Columbia’s lawsuit filed the next […]

Mahalo, Energy Policy Advocates

Courtesy of the transparency-in-government group Energy Policy Advocates, CLW sees this selection from a University of Hawaii Law School document production, pertaining to that institution playing its part to support the climate litigation industry. Nicely capturing the machinations are the emails showing how the imported event, imported media coverage — and even imported oped published […]