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‘Sheldon has not been well managed’

CLW sees this paper just published by the Senate, ah, Budget Committee picking up the mantle of the donor-staffed (in violation of House Ethics Rules) House Oversight Committee investigation into energy companies daring to resist brigandage. CLW spotted this own-goal right up front. Hey, that phrase sounds familiar. CLW recalls a set of handwritten notes […]

DC Circuit Hears Argument re: Transparency When Congress Transgresses

Argument before federal appeals court panel examines whether public can see correspondence pertaining to donor-provided ‘staff’ to drive investigation of political opponents in aid of outside interests CLW readers are familiar with Schilling v. Speaker, the common law right of access lawsuit seeking records about the sordid affair of House Oversight Committee Chair Maloney and […]

DC Court Rules: No Power to Balance Interests, Congressional Use of Activist-‘Consultants’ Beyond Public Scrutiny

Today, the United States District Court for the District of Columbia ruled against award-winning journalist Rob Schilling’s effort to obtain records pertaining to a congressional committee’s “year long investigation” of private parties with the assistance of activist-consultants at least some of whom, donor websites boast, were provided for that very purpose. A purpose which, on […]