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2nd Circuit Affirms Climate Case Dismissal

From Energy in Depth: “The climate litigation campaign was dealt yet another stinging defeat in New York on Thursday after a federal appeals court rejected New York City’s attempt to revive its climate lawsuit against energy companies. It’s the second major loss in the state for climate liability supporters in less than 18 months after the New […]

Washington Times: Despite denials, count on Biden-Harris to direct AG to do their scandalous bidding

With potentially bruising Department of Justice confirmation battles looming, both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris now vigorously deny that they would ever direct their Attorney General to do their political bidding or target specific opponents. This would be unremarkable, had they not promised the opposite with equal vigor – and disturbing specificity – during the […]

More of What MN OAG is Hiding: Tort Firm Formally Enters Fray

With the foundation–financed yet still contingency-fee “climate nuisance” tort firm Sher Edling LLP having just made an appearance in Minnesota’s pursuit of energy companies — on motions of a Bloomberg SAAG, who carries some serious outstanding questions of her own, no less — two languishing state open records requests with MN OAG for certain of […]

MN Attorney: Minnesota needs answers on Ellison’s Bloomberg-funded attorneys

Former Minnesota lawmaker and candidate for Attorney General Doug Wardlow wrote a piece in the weekend Duluth News-Tribune citing CLW, and records obtained by the government-transparency group Energy Policy Advocates. Exceprts include: “Brazenly using his office to advance a political agenda, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison, together with the District of Columbia’s attorney general, filed […]

SCOTUS Brief Reveals Tort Bar, Attorneys General Coordination Pact for Nationwide Flood of ‘Purely Local’ “Climate Nuisance” Litigation

Bloomberg-provided Attorneys Insist to Courts “Climate” Suits are Local, Not Effort at National Policymaking; Documents Show These Attorneys Were Provided to AGs to Work on “Matters of National Importance” Brief Reveals for First Time an AGs, Tort Bar Pact to Coordinate on “Local” Climate Nuisance Lawsuits WASHINGTON, D.C., November 23, 2020 – The transparency group […]