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SCOTUS Accepts Baltimore Climate Nuisance Case — Subject of Amicus Brief Revealing Confession of Seeking “Sustainable Funding Stream”

Attentive CLW readers recall our report in April that the transparency group Energy Policy Advocates had filed an amicus brief in the U.S. Supreme Court in BP P.L.C. et al. v. Mayor and City Council of Baltimore. This brief set forth proof, in the form of a confession twice-recorded and second-sourced in public records, that the epidemic […]

CT AG Joins Climate Litigation Sweepstakes: Documents Show Recruitment by Tort Bar, Neighbor Outed as Seeking “Sustainable Funding Stream”

Latest AG to Put Bloomberg-Financed Attorney to Work Chasing Energy Companies From the Hartford Courant, which hints at an important point its source in the AGO may have let slip (emphasis added): Connecticut on Monday joined a growing list of states and local governments using litigation to hold fossil fuel companies accountable for causing climate […]

NR: AG Misuse of “Public Nuisance” Getting Worse Not Better

National Review has an instructive piece on “West Virginia attorney general Patrick Morrisey’s recent lawsuits to join other states — and the heavily Democratic mass-tort plaintiffs’ bar — to recover money from pharmaceutical manufacturers and large pharmacy chains” for “public nuisance”, grounded in the opioid crisis. Given some remarkable background CLW has learned about state […]

New Climate Suits Filed Grounded in “Knew”-Since-1965 Claim

Lead attorney admitted arranging for study in YouTube speech The City of Charleston, SC and State of Delaware have filed similar ‘climate nuisance’ lawsuits against differing if somewhat overlapping populations of energy and related interests. These are the latest salvos in the climate litigation industry’s nationwide campaign to extract settlements modeled on the tobacco settlement. […]

Hoboken Joins Climate Litigation Sweepstakes: Suit Tied to Longtime Players in Climate Litigation Industry

The City of Hoboken, New Jersey, is the latest entrant in the “climate nuisance” litigation campaign chronicled here at CLW. The complaint can be found here. Signs were piling up that some New Jersey plaintiff or plaintiffs were preparing to enter the fray, with advocates for the climate litigation industry making the rounds and a […]