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Minnesota Vice

Paper trail puts the lie to MN AG Ellison’s Office denial it is using privately hired attorneys Well this is interesting. Courtesy of Legal Newsline, we see the remarkable claim by Minnesota’s Office of the Attorney General that it has not in fact brought in privately hired attorneys. This was in response to a question […]

Rocky XXV

Following on this Friday post, we see a little more ankle showing about the promiscuous interrelationships among law school faculty, the Center for Climate Integrity, the more than two dozen “climate” lawsuits against energy companies, aaand the Rockefellers (about which see also). “Keith” is Minnesota AG Keith Ellison, to whom Noble sent the legal memo […]

Ghost Writers in the Sky

Students of Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison’s Bloomberg-funded lawsuit against energy companies for causing global warming, and the black-box that burst onto the scene in 2020 financing municipal litigation for the same thing, the very busy “Center for Climate Integrity,” will find this of interest. Ummm It’s not like the memo didn’t mention CCI. Here’s […]

New Twist for Upcoming Climate Litigation Discovery

The Bloomberg-funded “Special Assistant Attorneys General” planted in progressive AG offices (“embedded,” in the word of the individual noted below) are indeed also using NYU email domains. With the assignment of these “SAAGs” to file and otherwise use their newly acquired authority to help out, climate litigation against energy companies — which as CLW has […]

Taking a Village to Pillage

The Office of Minnesota’s AG Keith Ellison provides a remarkable example of the network behind the epidemic of climate litigation — “going after climate denialism with a bunch of state and local prosecutors nationwide,” as one academic put it in an infamous email, reminding us as well of the role of activist-donor funded law school […]