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Following up on this item, CLW has learned that the Hawai’i state Supreme Court has released a few records to Energy Policy Advocates pertaining to the remarkable series of ‘seminars’ — launched after two setbacks in court for the band of litigious warriors in 2018 — for judges to hear from plaintiffs’ counsel, plaintiffs’ witnesses, […]

Mahalo, Energy Policy Advocates

Courtesy of the transparency-in-government group Energy Policy Advocates, CLW sees this selection from a University of Hawaii Law School document production, pertaining to that institution playing its part to support the climate litigation industry. Nicely capturing the machinations are the emails showing how the imported event, imported media coverage — and even imported oped published […]

Connect(icut)-ing the Dots: Email provides further hints about propriety of FOI Commission’s “Spontaneous and Unexplained Reversal”

What’s ‘Due Process’? Email shows FOI Commission all on the same “Teams” Possibly explains bizarre flip-flop after AG implied tough times ahead for errant FOI Commissions As CLW readers recall, CT OAG not only sought (and got) a Bloomberg-provided activist attorney to help drive the donor’s agenda through the public’s office, but then filed suit […]

Climate Plaintiffs’ Own-goal: It Really is About a “Sustainable Funding Stream”

Video of litigation pitch adds to evidence that lawsuits seek dough to pay for pols’ pet projects CLW readers will remember the admission — reflected in two independent sets of notes taken at a meeting at the Rockefeller family mansion at Pocantico — that governmental “climate” litigation is not actually about “combatting climate change” but is […]