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Court Awards GAO $225,000 in Legal Fees Over Records Fight

Emails revealed Hollywood and other wealthy donors quietly financing law firm, with charitable foundation serving as pass-through for millions in “charitable grants” Financing raises disclosure, possible ethics and tax questions Late last month, the Superior Court for Los Angeles County awarded Government Accountability & Oversight $225,000 for local counsel James K.T. Hunter’s time spent litigating the California Public […]

Opioid “Nuisance” Suit Rulings Likely to Rattle Climate Litigation Industry

Last week, a court in California ruled against the plaintiffs in an opioid “public nuisance” case, one among a class of cases cited as models for the climate litigation industry’s (initial) wave of litigation also styled as “public nuisance” climate suits. This suggested the latter have more weaknesses than even previously known. Now the Oklahoma […]