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Bloomberg Center/Climate Industry Playbook Continues

Here is a nicely executed effort, a staging of the next step in a staggered campaign of ‘climate’ investigations and litigation having no realistic aim of prevailing, but aimed at squeezing parties to accept settlement demands of $100s of billions. h/t @JunkScience GAO’s intervention was spurred by a December 4, 2017 request. On a completely […]

Mementos of House Hearing Witness, #ExxonKnew Author’s Role in Climate Litigation Industry

Naomi Oreskes is the Zelig of the climate litigation industry, appearing in every agenda or list of attendees at landmark “secret”, “delegitimize” and other infamous gatherings: As CLW wrote earlier: Trotting out activists Naomi Oreskes and Sharon Bordas is something of an effort to get the band back together from the “secret meeting at Harvard”, […]

Weaponization of Law Enforcement — A Timeline

The below timeline affirms it is acceptable for an AG to launch investigations into, e.g., the renewable energy or climate industry at the request of trial lawyers October 2012: La Jolla meeting proceedings published. Plaintiffs’ attorney Matt Pawa calls for “a single sympathetic attorney general” to begin subpoenaing records of private parties targeted by climate […]

CLW’s Timely “Attribution” Revelation, More En Route

Both from today: CLW understands the PR mavens have been working several news outlets overtime to get these stories, indispensable chairs in the symphony of climate alarm scheduled to bracket the upcoming, first #ExxonKnew trial. However, to the climate industry’s apparent despair, it won’t be much of a climate trial but instead has devolved into […]