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Emails Reveal Coordination by Network of Lawyers, NGOs, Publications to Find Climate Litigation Clients

The Florida Record has reported on newfound coordination between EarthRights International (ERI) and local political lobbyists to convince the City of Fort Lauderdale, Florida to bring a nuisance lawsuit against energy interests for causing climate change. This coverage was prompted by public records obtained by the transparency group Energy Policy Advocates (EPA) as well as […]

UCLA Record Production Reveals More Details Behind Man-Made Litigation Tsunami — Documents

Frumhoff and Sher provide Carlson her materialAs Climate Litigation Watch noted earlier this week, a Friday document production from UCLA sheds further light on that public institution’s law school and its role in the Climate Litigation Industry – which is now spawning calls for a “Legion of Lawyers”. In it we see UCLA Prof. Ann […]

Genesis of a Shakedown: New Records Expose Children’s Marches as Long-Planned Component of Litigation Campaign

Newly obtained public records reveal that the recent wave of private “climate” litigation and state attorneys general (AGs) investigations was not only laid out behind closed doors seven years ago at an infamous 2012 meeting in La Jolla, California. It turns out the attendees also got very early word about the frenzied street theater of children’s […]