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Harvard Law School: In — “Going after climate denialism with a bunch of prosecutors”; Out — Ethical Principle of zealous defense

Harvard Law School students can’t tolerate the idea of allowing a firm to recruit on campus, for the sin of having just crushed an out of control prosecutor in what is — when considering the larger enterprise of which it was a part (chronicled tirelessly here at CLW) — one of the more egregious abuses […]

Careful What You Wish For, Vol. 8,675,309

CLW noted this item on this week’s U.S. v. Kelly argument before SCOTUS, one to watch for astute observers of governmental abuses at the request of private parties and seemingly in service of private interests. (Image cleverly doctored for copyright reasons; click the link for the linked original). The highlighted portion is of course the […]

Virginia Governor’s Budget Drops Prohibition on AG/Bloomberg Tie-Up

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s budget has quietly eliminated the prohibition imposed in 2019 by the state legislature blocking Attorney General Mark Herring’s use of the AG’s office “to advance the agenda represented by” billionaire climate activist Michael Bloomberg’s group established for the purpose. The legislature placed this restriction in the spending bill in response to AG […]

Republican AGs Amplify Campaign Implications of Bloomberg AG Scheme

Yesterday CLW noted an article in the Daily Caller touting some Republican AG criticism of billionaire climate activist Michael Bloomberg’s scheme to privately hire and promote the work of activist attorneys as “Special Assistant Attorneys General”, so long as they were tasked with pushing Bloomberg’s desired (policy) agenda. The article also amplified about the disparity […]