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Climate Litigation and Rebranding

CLW found this post from EID noteworthy, particularly the confession in the discussion of ‘rebranding’:

Media, Rebranded

The entire climate litigation campaign got plenty of air cover from so-called “journalism” outfits like InsideClimateNews and the Los Angeles Times, which turned out to be bought and paid for by the Rockefellers to push the “Exxon Knew” narrative and provide support for state attorneys general filing lawsuits.

Another is Climate Liability News, a website set-up in 2017 to promote the campaign by Climate Communications and Law (CCL), which is run by Greenpeace activist Kert Davies and Richard Wiles of the Center for Climate Integrity (CCI) – a project Institute for Governance and Sustainable Development (IGSD). CCL has faced criticism for failing to properly register as a non-profit in its home state of Maryland, which may have helped it circumvent funding disclosures to Climate Liability News.

Like most organizations in the climate litigation campaign, CCI is funded by the Rockefellers, which has received millions from the Rockefeller Family Fund.

Earlier this year, Climate Liability News shut its doorsrebranded as Climate Docket, and merged with the Drilled Podcast and HEATED newsletter – under a combined platform called Drilled News.

Drilled Podcast was started in 2018 by Amy Westervelt, who claims to be a journalist but is merely pushing anti-fossil fuel propaganda and she’s partially funded by ISGD and Wiles is the producer. On a previous podcast, Westervelt exposed her bias:

“Holding the industry accountable for manufacturing climate denial isn’t about finding a bad guy or even strictly about justice, although of course we love a good bad guy … it’s about putting climate denial to rest once and for all and removing key obstacles for action.”

The latter is particularly noteworthy in the face of all of the admissions about what the climate litigation industry is really using the courts for, e.g., here, and here.

Oh, and always this:

And, of course, this:

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