CLW's Timely "Attribution" Revelation, More En Route - Climate Litigation Watch

CLW’s Timely “Attribution” Revelation, More En Route

Both from today:

CLW understands the PR mavens have been working several news outlets overtime to get these stories, indispensable chairs in the symphony of climate alarm scheduled to bracket the upcoming, first #ExxonKnew trial.

However, to the climate industry’s apparent despair, it won’t be much of a climate trial but instead has devolved into an accounting dispute. That story line just won’t do. Dial up the Two-Minutes Hate.

In the Good Timing department, CLW has its own, further revelations coming about the making of these “attribution” claims being promoted to sympathetic publications (another of which goes live with its contribution soon).

What CLW has learned goes beyond a plaintiffs’ lawyer having drawn up the desired baseline year.

These new details add important context to the next couple weeks’ heavy-breathing and other atmospherics.