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About: The DeSmog Blog was founded by Jim Hoggan in 2006. The website, which aims to clear “the PR pollution that clouds climate science,” and is run out of his public relations firm, James Hoggan & Associates, which partnered with the global climate change initiative, Tck Tck Tck. DeSmog Blog is listed as a case study on the James Hoggan & Associates’ website, DeSmog is described as “a non-profit pursuit unconnected to our client work, DeSmogBlog has given the Hoggan team cutting-edge experience using social media to influence audiences and effect change.”

Notable Connections:

  • Naomi Oreskes; Union of Concerned Scientists; Climate Accountability Institute; Sharon Eubanks; Peter Frumhoff; Matt Pawa


  • The DeSmog Blog initial funding source was John Lefebvre, a convicted money launderer. With a $300,000 dollar donation, Levebvre was the early cash influx that was essential to getting DeSmog blog off the ground.
  • Sustainable Markets Foundations paid the DeSmogBlog Society of Canada $110,000 in 2013. It appears that SMF allocated more money to DeSmog but the 990 disclosure describes funding as “climate change education” in Canada, according to a 2011 990.

Of Note:

  • Hoggan was a participant and a speaker at the June 2012 meeting in La Jolla, California, “Establishing Accountability for Climate Change Damages: Lessons from Tobacco Control.” The event was put on by the Union of Concerned Scientists and the Climate Accountability Institute.
  • Hoggan’s PR firm represents “alternative energy” companies. Additionally, Hoggan is chair of the board of directors for the David Suzuki Foundation, a radical environmental activist group. Chris Horner detailed both issues in his book, Red Hot Lies.

Shell Canada and BC Hydro are some of Hoggan’s main clients. The connections between Hoggan’s clients and his DesSmog blog may be much cozier than advertised. Shell Canada is now receiving positive stories about its climate change position