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Face-Book Friends: Get Yer ‘Climate Fraud’ Presser Scorecard

Can’t tell your crusading AGs, tort lawyers, and activists without a scorecard!

CLW readers may want this keepsake souvenir “Face-book” from the secret pre-briefing of state attorneys general by the activist/tort bar team, moments before the now infamous March 2016 Manhattan press conference launching “The Climate-Change Lawsuit Debacle“. The courts took note of this event after open records requests showed OAGs asking plaintiff’s lawyer Matt Pawa to mislead the WSJ about his having briefed the players. 

It also seems clear that the briefing affirmed the talking point for one AG, Massachusetts’ Maura — that’s “MOOR-ah” — Healey, which she repeated moments later, “That’s why I, too, have joined in investigating the practices of ExxonMobil…[for] what Exxon knew”. 

That’s the Hashtag prosecution that Judge Barry Ostrager “eviscerated” last week, and AG Healey has loyally queued up to be next in line for.