Ghostwriters in the Sky Part II - Climate Litigation Watch

Ghostwriters in the Sky Part II

CLW previously posted about the “Center for Climate Integrity” (CCI) getting caught ghost-co-writing a memo on University of Minnesota Law School stationery (yes, a no-no) to Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison setting forth the lawsuit Ellison would ultimately bring against energy companies, filed by attorneys provided to him for the purpose by a Michael Bloomberg group.

Turns out that phrase is spot-on. Indeed it’s their own.

Courtesy of Energy Policy Advocates, from a couple newly released public records, pitch decks circulated to potential recruits to join the CCI-led campaign of governmental litigation:

CLW looked into the public corruption issues raised by the Bloomberg program, which offered not just “staff” and other resources to cooperative offices, but a PR team dedicated to promoting cooperative politicians. Post McDonnell and Bridgegate, the law on that does seem to be in flux. Still, seeing these services and promotion as well as services being provided to ambitious pols who join the CCI campaign does renew the relevance of this issue of restrictions on gifts to elected officials.