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Governors’ “Alliance” Climate Week Memo: Managing “Stage Time”

The past two weeks, CLW has posted background and records relating to the ethereal yet lavishly funded “United States Climate Alliance”, a donor project to underwrite activist governors’ climate advocacy with an army of off-books ‘staff’ and consultants.

After a beauty contest, Ted Turner’s United Nations Foundation got the gig to serve as the key pass-through for the (anticipated) tens of millions of dollars per year to run this scheme — $30 million in 2019, $50 million in the critical election year of 2020. The organic donor was the Hewlett Foundation, which has pledged $600 million to the “climate” industry. Then, according to the fundraising slide show, those millions would be passed-through once again, to the likes of American Lung Association, Georgetown Climate Center (GCC, which lost out to UNF to run the “back office” scheme), and former Gov. Bill Ritter’s Center for a New Energy Economy at Colorado State University (CNEE).

Georgetown and CNEE nonetheless found a spot serving the same agenda for a different donor. CLW expects more news about that in the near future.

With the costly spectacle of Climate Week approaching – five days of donor-funded use of public office to advance an aligned agenda – CLW posts this agenda just obtained via public record production by the transparency group Energy Policy Advocates (EPA), “USCA Stage Time Concept Note”.

This document lays out the governors’ vision for next week as well as the specifics of how they intend to use their public offices in this public-private partnership next week.

Apparently USCA is angling to get governors invited to share the stage with UN Poobahs. The memo focuses on agreement to manage “stage time for one Democratic and one Republican U.S. governor”. Politicians being the creatures that they are.

With these many millions being directed to this enterprise, even tens of millions just to giving them off-books staff to push the agenda, the jockeying must be intense.

Reference: USCA Stage Time Concept Note – 190619 (PDF)