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Mahalo, Energy Policy Advocates

Courtesy of the transparency-in-government group Energy Policy Advocates, CLW sees this selection from a University of Hawaii Law School document production, pertaining to that institution playing its part to support the climate litigation industry.

Nicely capturing the machinations are the emails showing how the imported event, imported media coverage — and even imported oped published somewhat amusingly under “Island Voices” — came about from Center for Climate Integrity and what is apparently its PR firm, M+R.

The note about the activist professor’s role in training judges should catch some readers’ eyes for reasons previously revealed, which also appears to be a developing matter.

The docs provide further insights into CCI’s operation, how it coordinates the supposedly independent string of unrelated litigation, and drives media coverage, as well as the institution’s players’ views on relevant island politics and speech that dares challenge the faith (or, as subsequent discussions will note, dealing with what the larger enterprise calls “nonbelievers”).