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More on the Government/Activist/ Tort Bar Axis

The Center for Climate Integrity turns up again in public records, again recruiting governmental subdivisions to file “climate” tort litigation against the climate activists’ opponents. It’s a two-fer, use the courts to try and advance an agenda and offer politicians and bureaucrats the prospect of what one called a “sustainable funding stream“.

This time it is in records from Maryland’s Anne Arundel County, home to Annapolis, a recent entrant in the climate litigation sweepstakes.

A key missive, from the Chesapeake Climate Action Network’s Monica O’Connor:

Recently CCAN met with [Annapolis] Mayor Buckley and his executive staff to discuss whether it is viable for the City of Annapolis to sue the major fossil companies in an effort to make the most egregious polluters pay for the costs of climate change adaptations – rather than the taxpayer. Mayor Buckley expressed keen interest and suggested we reach out to the County Executive to see if the County and City could work together on this venture.

Jackie Guild, the Deputy City Manager was present at the meeting as well as the City Manager David Jarrell and City Attorney Mike Lyles (in addition to CCAN and affiliates). Jackie has a good understanding of what this will entail and has kindly offered to answer any questions you might have: Please reach out to her; 410-263-3411 ext. 7788 jsguild@annapolis .gov

I am hopeful that I can set up a meeting with you and County Executive Pittman in the coming weeks and will reach out to your staff in a day or two. In the meantime, feel free to call me and I can fill in the blanks as well.


Monica O’Connor

One telling quote about such governments turning to tort litigation to finance spending ambitions, from County Attorney Gregory Swain:

We are happy to meet with her, [Deputy County Attorney Hamilton Tyler] has been handling our affirmative litigation and we are interested in opportunities if the representation is appropriate, such as we have in our Opioid, JUUL and now the PCB case. Let me know how you’d like to proceed, thanks