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More Records on those Donor-Funded Governors’ Climate Staff

The USCA’s/UN Foundation’s Julie Cerqueira denies to the Washington Times that the “United States Climate Alliance” has a Fellows program — to place private hires in governors’ offices as climate ‘staff’ — “stood up”.

As CLW has noted, that might come as a shock to some donors and governors’ offices, as it does not square with Ms. Cerqueira’s representations to, for example Colorado Gov. Jared Polis’s staff.

CLW has expressed curiosity about which of Ms. Cerqueira’s representations reflect reality.

In defense of Ms. Cerqueira’s claims to Gov. Polis’s staff, thanks again to the good work by Energy Policy Advocates CLW does know that she certainly has been soliciting donors for just this purpose.

For example, she recently pitched the Pisces Foundation, a $125,000 donor to the UN Foundation last year. The correspondence indicates this pitch was for non-staff “staff”, or “USCA [sic] Fellows”.

This isn’t the only representation by Ms. Cerqueira to various offices that she has presented to donors to finance governors’ climate non-staff.

We see the specifics of the pitch did not always go over well with governors’ staff, specifically, Gov. Inslee’s staff who had been outed by and didn’t shoot straight about its own non-staff funding with the Wall Street Journal editorial board.

Incidentally, scores of public records reveal that that office is sui generis when it comes to routing donor money into contracts to provide lawyers and PR people to push Gov. Inslee’s climate profile, so CLW defers to their expertise on this one.

In response to which criticism, Ms. Cerqueira shows a little more ankle about the financing behind this.

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