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New Docs Further Link Climate, CREW AG Programs

EMail Shows Private Attorney Placed in DC, MD AG Offices Offering to Brief PA OAG on His Cap-and-Trade Scheme…that OAG Would Defend

CLW has reported on the private placement of at least one climate warrior in at least two attorneys general offices, who is also working with “climate nuisance” plaintiff the City of Baltimore.

News reports indicate the attorney, Robert B. McKinstry Jr., is one of several private lawyers placed in AG offices to investigate and litigate “emoluments” cases against Trump administration officials, by a favorite project of George Soros, Citizens for Responsible Ethics in Washington (CREW).

New records obtained from the Pennsylvania AG’s office by the transparency group Energy Policy Advocates (EPA) show Mr. McKinstry offering to brief Attorney General Josh Shapiro or his staff on McKinstry’s petition requesting Governor Tom Wolf create a cap-and-trade scheme in Pennsylvania.

“The Attorney General may be asked to weigh in on this at some point. We would be happy to meet to discuss this if he or someone else in your office would like.”

That is, as McKinstry seems to acknowledge, the OAG would be asked defend the scheme, presently en route to implementation. So, this invitation is interesting.

(That document production also has both AG Shapiro and McKinstry on an “emoluments” email thread with Deepak Gupta — who filed CREW’s emoluments suit.)

Expect Pennsylvania’s administration to eagerly impose the cap-and-trade plan, which the Republican-controlled legislature declined to adopt. We already know that getting Gov. Wolf to take unilateral action is a priority of climate warrior Tom Steyer.

The Majority Chair of the House Environmental Resources and Energy Committee said “he believes the petition is an effort to circumvent the General Assembly”.

Watch for AGs backing up activist governors on this agenda, both where the legislature is not in on the deal and in “trifecta states” — states where the Democratic Party controls the legislature as well as governor and attorney general offices.

For example, CLW understands that these states are the subject of recent huddling among public employees, donors and the burgeoning network of donor-provided operations to staff up elected officials on “climate”, off-books.