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New EMail on Tort Lawyer Instigation of AG #ExxonKnew Investigations

This post at Energy in Depth on the scandalous political abuse of law enforcement office by Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey reminds CLW of another recently produced EMail, one between an AG office and the tort lawyer who recruited Healey’s investigation into his principal target for “climate nuisance” litigation, ExxonMobil.

First, we know that Pawa included a briefing for Connecticut AG Jepsen while he was briefing AGs in Massachusetts, Illinois, California and other “sympathetic” offices.

Now we see an email sent by tort lawyer and AG recruiter Matt Pawa to the Connecticut Deputy Attorney General Matthew Levine on March 31, 2016. That was two days after the press conference at which Healey announced an investigation into “what Exxon Knew” — coincidentally the very title of Pawa’s slide show given to her office two months prior, which seems to be what triggered her decision to do just what the tort bar was asking.

In his plea, Pawa notes that Connecticut AG Jepsen missed the pre-briefing before the AGs/Al Gore press conference in Manhattan — about which at least two AGs and Pawa agreed to mislead the press, if asked. Pawa lets us know that the presentation he gave to over a dozen AGs, seeking their intervention as law enforcement officers against his litigation targets, was indeed “What Exxon Knew”.

After which Healey walked out and announced she would use her office to launch just that investigation.