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New Game On in Climate Litigation?

The National Association of Manufacturers, Energy Marketers of America, and National Association of Convenience Stores have filed a very welcome salvo in the 1st Circuit “climate” case against energy companies.

The NAM et al. brief lays out what is transpiring with the climate litigation wave in a way that to date and to CLW’s recollection only Energy Policy Advocates has (in the 1st and 8th Circuits and SCOTUS): highlighting the ongoing effort to pervert the judicial system through a donor-driven, largely activist-written misuse of prosecutorial and parens patriae authority.

The evidence of which has been building of late.

Previously, amicus involvement in defending against this campaign has been limited to technical, even scholarly arguments that avoided the elephant in the courtroom.

BTW, there’s also room in the 8th Circuit, involving the Minnesota AG’s office’s suit, about which the public now knows the most about this privatizing of a prosecutor’s office by outsourcing it to ideological third parties.

To which arrival CLW says welcome!