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NY AG Climate “Fraud” Debacle — Shot

This week, CLW will excerpt New York Supreme Court Judge Barry Judge Ostrager’s deliberate, measured, yet thoroughly devastating 55-page opinion from last week’s NY AG face-plant, several aspects of which warrant widespread understanding.

The opinion represents the first in what, sadly, is sure to be a succession of judicial rebuffs of a (so far) four-year politically motivated crusade to misuse the judicial system, pressuring a political target into lobbying for and financing the imposition of a failed political agenda.

First up, hints at the origin of this disgraceful episode, and a reminder of NY AG’s ignominious last day of argument. The latter supports the assessment that the four-year PR campaign promoting this and related litigation was a a taxpayer-funded, trial bar-instigated smear.

CLW hopes it is not taking liberties in this paraphrasing of Baker & Hostetler’s Andrew Grossman’s Teleforum last week, that Judge Ostrager’s opinion vindicates a company targeted for providing a legal product if with insufficient enthusiasm for a political agenda squarely aimed at bringing about its extinction or, at best, conversion into a golden goose for activists and the politicians who love them. The ongoing AGs scheme now moves to Massachusetts.