Paper on Tuesday's #ExxonKnew Trial: "a case most notable for … how badly it has fizzled" - Climate Litigation Watch

Paper on Tuesday’s #ExxonKnew Trial: “a case most notable for … how badly it has fizzled”

Today’s New York Post has a useful item drawing attention to the incredible shrinking climate case set to kick off in New York on Tuesday.

The piece closes with a summary of the seediness of the climate litigation industry:

The charge is not only a far cry from the original #ExxonKnew allegations, it’s also almost certain to fail. Putting the best face on this fact, climate-change warrior Andrew Revkin tweeted Wednesday: “Some lawsuits are fought for the win, some are fought for the documents. The NYS #exxonknew suit is far more likely to be the latter.”

In fact, the entire thing has been a shameless exercise in prosecutorial abuse, from the outrageous harassment of nonprofits whose research the climate-crisis crew dislikes to the ethically dubious private funding of staff in the New York AG’s Office.

Radicals might think anything is justified in the effort to destroy the fossil-fuel industry, but prosecutors betray their public trust when they bend the law to push a private ideological agenda.

If you have a real case, you don’t have to make up fake ones.