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Playing Hide-the-Docs

CLW has recently documented how public records lay out in some detail the playbook being run by the climate litigation industry, now apparently being coordinated by a Rockefeller Family Fund project, Center for Climate Integrity.

Wednesday, CLW posted some public records showing CCI’s courtship of Oregon AG Ellen Rosenblum. Today we see the development of a recent panel event featuring the parties’ collaboration on this enterprise.

These panels are a familiar step seen in numerous other jurisdictions where CCI has recruited municipalities and state AGs to file the suits supporting the tort bar’s “climate” sweepstakes. Examples include in Colorado, Hawai’i, Maine, Minnesota and New Jersey. Some did not make it that far before scrutiny, thanks to release of such records, led the recruiting target to declare it was not consummating.

Notably, the organic, “Jan 18, 2021, at 4:37 PM” CCI email — containing the attachment revealed in the rest of the thread that OR DoJ did release, “<Lewis & Clark Event Proposal (rev 14 Jan 2021).docx>” — is missing from the OR DoJ production to Energy Policy Advocates.

This is no doubt an oversight, given that to claim privilege for that would be rather attention-grabbing. Nonetheless CLW is no stranger to such claims nonetheless being made to keep from the public the record of this collaboration with a climate industry of activists, donors and the tort bar.

EPA’s attorney has inquired about the oversight. CLW will keep its eyes out for the omitted records, interested if there is any apparent reason for singling the email/attachment combo out for shielding from public scrutiny of how public agencies are being used, with whom, toward what end.