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SC Times OpEd Counters, Details MN AG Ellison Office Machinations

Annette Meeks of the Freedom Foundation of Minnesota writes in the St. Cloud Times, referencing years of revelations by the Competitive Enterprise Institute and Energy Policy Advocates — most of it publicized here at CLW — about AG Keith Ellison’s work with a Michael Bloomberg-created group and other activists who have activated Minnesota’s AG Office once Ellison was elected:

Soon after he assumed office, Ellison appealed to Bloomberg’s priorities and applied for not one but two of these full-time Bloomberg staffers. They are paid by NYU, not the state of Minnesota, and our further investigation shows that they haven’t complied with Minnesota’s ethical practices requirements of filing statements of economic interest.

Bloomberg must be well-pleased with his Minnesota investment. Last year, those two lawyers in Ellison’s office filed a lawsuit against several oil companies and refiners hoping to replicate Minnesota’s first-in-the-nation tobacco litigation that made a Minnesota law firm’s partners into mega-millionaires. The only major difference this time is that the law firm retained by Ellison’s team is from San Francisco and if successful, will make a bunch of California trial lawyers mega-millionaires….

This lawsuit is part of a broad strategy to “create scandal” for energy companies that radical environmental activists hashed out in a meeting in New York City in 2016. That strategy all hinged on the goal of recruiting “a single sympathetic state attorney general.” 

They seem to have found one in St. Paul.

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