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Schrödinger’s Professor

Following up on this item, Government Accountability & Oversight has filed its opposition to the University of Michigan’s motion seeking summary dismissal of GAO’s FOIA suit in GAO v. Regents.

It seems that Assistant Professor of Law Rachel Rothschild’s work to develop a “Climate Change Superfund” is at the same time both very specifically a focus of her work for this public institution—as made plain in the University’s various postings and promotions noted in GAO’s filing—and also no more than a little hobbyhorse she rides on her own time—which is the position the school now takes before the court.

UPDATE: The Regents of the University of Michigan, in its Motion for Summary Disposition and its Reply to GAO’s Opposition, including through an affidavit from Assistant Professor of Law Rachel Rothschild, insists that all responsive correspondence—that is, about the Prof.’s work developing and otherwise addressing a Climate Change Superfund—was purely personal, attorney-client work performed for the Rockefeller Family Fund.