Virginia Governor's Budget Drops Prohibition on AG/Bloomberg Tie-Up - Climate Litigation Watch

Virginia Governor’s Budget Drops Prohibition on AG/Bloomberg Tie-Up

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s budget has quietly eliminated the prohibition imposed in 2019 by the state legislature blocking Attorney General Mark Herring’s use of the AG’s office to advance the agenda represented by” billionaire climate activist Michael Bloomberg’s group established for the purpose.

The legislature placed this restriction in the spending bill in response to AG Herring’s refusal to respect existing legal prohibitions. He remains in office, and those prohibitions he ignored remain law…but the Governor has proposed stripping this restriction the prior legislature obviously found necessary given Herring’s behavior, and his sui generis vow:

Now the test will be how, if at all, the Commonwealth’s new legislature — radical and very Bloomberg-friendly — is willing to put its members to the test of accepting, and answering for, this reversal.

CLW supposes the first test is whether any media in the Commonwealth (or elsewhere) will attend to this reversal.