Washington Court Says Um, No to "Entre Nous?" - Climate Litigation Watch

Washington Court Says Um, No to “Entre Nous?”

Today the Thurston County Superior Court denied a motion by the Washington Attorney General’s Office to take one more bite at the apple of argumentation but, this time, just between them and the judge, if your honor doesn’t mind. As CLW suggested earlier was the clearly appropriate response, which Energy Policy Advocates also argued today, the court did mind.

This was in WA AGO’s ongoing bid to hide certain public records relating to its involvement with the climate litigation industry. These particular records hail from back in the early days of tor-bar recruiting of AGs to sue energy companies the tort bar also happened to be targeting in its own civil suits — or, if the AGs wouldn’t hire the tort bar, at least investigate for some potentially helpful discovery.

The Court declined the pleasure of a private briefing on the importance of maintaining secrecy, but reminded AGO it could submit up to five pages of further argument, in public, by the end of the week if it so chooses.