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WSJ Editorial Board Nails NY AG’s Climate “Fraud” Debacle

The Wall Street Journal’s Editorial Board has a few notes, “In case readers missed it—and no doubt New York Attorney General Letitia James hopes you did”, opening with an appropriate “Well, that was embarrassing”. Excerpts:

The NY AG learned his pursuit — inarguably launched by donors, ideologues and the trial bar as CLW has documented in numerous posts and as fleshed out in one place, here — was an obvious loser early on. Not surprisingly, given the origins of the investigation, without missing a beat the Office simply looked for another excuse (always a worrying instinct among people in, or seeking, power):


Massachusetts’ AG doesn’t even have the Martin Act to abuse, which is about as difficult to lose a case under as it is to indict a ham sandwich. And CLW has even more documentary evidence of the tort bar and ideological activist roots of that next pursuit. With reasonable expectations that still more will emerge in coming months. So, here we go again.