May 2024 - Climate Litigation Watch

WSJ on the Rockefellers’ Public-‘Private’ Partnership with Law Enforcement

Over the weekend, the Wall Street Journal Review section featured a long profile reaffirming the obsessive campaign by late-generation Rockefeller family members against ExxonMobil, the company that not only cruelly subjected them and their predecessor generations of Rockefellers to a lifestyle bubble-wrapped in inherited wealth but also led the way in imposing the horrors of […]

Michigan AG Does What Green Lobby Asked

CLW has chronicled the history of Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel’s Office coming to the idea of filing another of the “climate” lawsuits against energy companies so popular among a certain political crowd. Here Here and Here Now that Nessel has announced she’s finally doing what the greens (specifically, Michigan LCV) asked, CLW sees on […]

“Missing Link” Judge Strikes Again

CLW readers recall the claim made by a federal judge in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York of a “missing link” between donors, activists and elected law enforcement and other officials, in dismissing the idea that these parties have all improperly combined to orchestrate the ongoing “climate” lawfare sweeping courts […]


Information in the public domain has in recent years revealed that fiduciaries of the public fisc have been granting a law firm extremely lucrative “contingency fee” (or contingency-ish) contracts to file “climate” lawsuits on behalf of governmental subdivisions—even though the firm is shown in FOIA’d emails and IRS filings to be the recipient of what is now […]