April 2024 - Climate Litigation Watch

‘Sheldon has not been well managed’

CLW sees this paper just published by the Senate, ah, Budget Committee picking up the mantle of the donor-staffed (in violation of House Ethics Rules) House Oversight Committee investigation into energy companies daring to resist brigandage. CLW spotted this own-goal right up front. Hey, that phrase sounds familiar. CLW recalls a set of handwritten notes […]

‘What Did Keith Ellison Know, and When Did He Know it?’

CLW has long wondered about the utter absence of media curiosity into the ethical and fiduciary implication of public officials providing potentially, spectacularly lucrative ‘contingency fee’ agreements to a law firm already being paid to file the wave of “climate nuisance”, now “failure to warn” lawsuits sweeping progressive jurisdictions across the land.  The rationale behind allowing what are […]

More “Attribution Science,” “Climate Superfund” Coming Up

Following on CLW’s prior, quite revelatory discussions of the climate industry’s push to establish “attribution science” as a credible thing, we see this article walking through the theory’s intended use. Relevant thereto, CLW notes this memo that recently surfaced from a state attorney general’s office out West, written by a University of Michigan law professor whose focus includes, e.g., […]