Which Time You Guys Telling the Truth? - Climate Litigation Watch

Which Time You Guys Telling the Truth?

CLW notices a very strange item in the Washington Examiner’s Daily on Energy:

Uh huh.

Whoa. So, how did the plaintiffs’ bar get them?

And, what gives… have the plaintiffs’ bar not signed off on sharing the docs with the Senate that the House Oversight Committee went and got for them? They’re theirs, is that it?

Why the act?

It must have a very good reason, because ‘never approved for release yet in private hands’ probably sounds kind of, we don’t know… unusual, in certain circles? Like, have you heard about this guy at Mar a Lago?

Sounds like the House Oversight Committee minority have some explaining to do.

Maybe this hearing could be useful, after all? Shedding light on how documents that were never released ended up in the hands of politically motivated lawyers seeking an indirect energy tax of many many hundreds of millions of dollars sounds like it’s actually in the public’s interest.

UPDATE: Energy in Depth has this piece, reminding CLW of an interesting point: