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More Insights Into the Climate Litigation Industry

Energy Policy Advocates has provided more public records to illuminate public understanding of how public offices and institutions are being used, which whom, and how. This representative sample of records from Maplewood, NJ, includes the Messaging Guide recently posted on CLW, Talking Points, one–pagers, presentations, and an interesting roster of allies.

More Sausage-making, Jersey Style

Courtesy of Energy Policy Advocates, CLW readers can find a representative selection of services provided to elected officials who join in to push the “Center for Climate Integrity’s” agenda — which agenda includes, most notoriously, politicians filing privately-financed “climate” lawsuits against political opponents — here. Interesting exemplars include those addressing how the advocacy group prefers […]

Ghostwriters in the Sky Part II

CLW previously posted about the “Center for Climate Integrity” (CCI) getting caught ghost-co-writing a memo on University of Minnesota Law School stationery (yes, a no-no) to Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison setting forth the lawsuit Ellison would ultimately bring against energy companies, filed by attorneys provided to him for the purpose by a Michael Bloomberg […]

Sausage Making, Jersey Style

Satriale’s, Eat Your Heart Out Energy Policy Advocates passes along a couple more New Jersey Office of the Attorney General emails pertaining to its joining the cavalcade of parties filing “climate” lawsuits — described by a Rhode Island cabinet official (to a Rockefeller meeting audience, of course) as the potential source of a “sustainable funding […]