'Sheldon has not been well managed' - Climate Litigation Watch

‘Sheldon has not been well managed’

CLW sees this paper just published by the Senate, ah, Budget Committee picking up the mantle of the donor-staffed (in violation of House Ethics Rules) House Oversight Committee investigation into energy companies daring to resist brigandage. CLW spotted this own-goal right up front.

Hey, that phrase sounds familiar. CLW recalls a set of handwritten notes from a meeting at the Rockefeller family mansion at Pocantico and released under state open records laws—because the given the confab was for donors to orchestrate the coming “just transition” with political appointees of activist governors.

This also is the meeting where government officials from at least one climate-plaintiff copped to their lawsuit being a stab at getting a “sustainable funding stream” (helpfully authenticated by an independent, typewritten set by another notetaker and dissected here and here). Hey, that means you think your putative Golden Goose needs to stick around and keep earning for you. Wow.

But we digress. This complaint is pure climate comedy gold.

Yes, that’s current Biden Energy Department official/then-California official Kate Gordon decrying that former Obama Administration Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz declaring that natural gas is a bridge fuel, to which longtime CA and USEPA Poobah Mary Nichols complains, Moniz has not been well managed, why else would he say such a thing. Which, well, lots of enviro establishment figures and green groups said for many years until someone somewhere decided it was a possible basis for lawfare. Go git ‘im, Sheldon! The whole lot of them!

PS Readers may recall that bi-coastal commuter/climate scold Nichols bought an apartment off Central Park so she’d have a place to hang for Climate Week. Homes on the coasts doesn’t add up to a single Rockefeller mansion, of course, so do not begin to harbor doubts whether these really are activists of the people.