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Emails suggest @UCUSA Union of Concerned Scientists is at the Center of the Climate Litigation Industry

These email records… …from UCLA Law School suggest that the Union of Concerned Scientists’ Peter Frumhoff is on the inside of the climate tort industry and its litigation campaign. CLW readers recall it was from a UCS event led by Frumhoff —  the “Secret Meeting at Harvard” — that UCLA faculty member Cara Horowitz emailed the school’s […]

@UCSUSA “Union of Concerned Scientists” are doing concerning things to promote lawsuits

Excerpts: Advocacy Group Pays Conference Fees for Mayor to Promote Energy Lawsuits Santa Cruz mayor will tout lawsuit against Exxon to other mayors An environmental advocacy group is paying the registration fees for Santa Cruz mayor Martine Watkins (D.) to attend the United States Conference of Mayors Summit in Hawaii later this month, where Watkins […]

Union of Concerned Scientists is Wrong, An Open Record Policy is Good for Science

Amid repeated, widespread mischaracterization of requests for public records as seeking “private emails” — open records laws do not cover private emails — and constitute “harassment” that threaten to chill research, CLW endorses the comment of David Cuillier, then-director of the University’s School of Journalism, and member of the Society of Professional Journalists’s freedom of information committee: