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Minneapolis Newspaper Signals AG Ellison to Join Bloomberg Scheme?

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune’s editorial board notes in an editorial published on March26th, after meeting with the state’s newly elected AG Keith Ellison, that his office needs all the help it can get. We are curious: Did the topic of the Michael Bloomberg scheme to hire and place climate “Special Assistant Attorneys General” come up? The […]

AG’s Dodge Transparency Laws While Seeking The ‘Truth’ On Climate Issues

From Energy in Depth: BY SPENCER WALRATH In recent years, attorneys general in the District of Columbia, New York, Maryland and a handful of other states have sought to burnish their climate credentials by pursuing investigations and litigation against oil companies. In some cases, they have welcomed outside support through a controversial, Michael Bloomberg-funded law […]

Genesis of a Shakedown: New Records Expose Children’s Marches as Long-Planned Component of Litigation Campaign

Newly obtained public records reveal that the recent wave of private “climate” litigation and state attorneys general (AGs) investigations was not only laid out behind closed doors seven years ago at an infamous 2012 meeting in La Jolla, California. It turns out the attendees also got very early word about the frenzied street theater of children’s […]